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GERnetic France Skin Treatment and Care

New: The GERnetic France end of year special is now available, but only for a limited time.

New Gernetic Body Treatment Formulas.

Gernetic's acclaimed treatments for body and bust are now even more intensive.

Effective Skin Care and Treatment

Every person possesses their own unique skin characteristics.

Astera Paramedical provides unprecedented scientific skin care Cosmetic Dentist Sydney and anti-aging products destined to women and men seeking measurable and durable results.

The GERnetic Skin Care Treatments and Products provide a consistently clear and luminous complexion with highly concentrated and specific formulas.

It is common wisdom that the body has a remarkable ability to recover its health when given the right nutritional environment.

It is much less appreciated that those ingredients which are not part of our skin's cellular makeup are either ignored (producing no effect) or marked for elimination by the immune system (producing reactions or poor long-term results).

From this reality, true skin therapy can only be based upon:

  • amino acids
  • proteins
  • trace elements
  • minerals
  • vitamins, and
  • enzymes.

This is Astera's area of speciality.

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