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Skin Treatment for Aging Skin

This is a comprehensive skin treatment designed to address the outcome of key factors implicated in the development and appearance of aging skin:

  • degeneration of fibroblasts
  • slower cellular renewal
  • melanic system deficiency
  • hormonal factors
  • nutritional factors
  • mechanical factors
  • environmental factors

From these influences, elasticity and muscle tone diminish, and a variety of imperfections such as fine lines, deep wrinkles and age spots become evident.

It is important to recognize that no single skin care product or ingredient can alleviate all the signs of aging. Just as we cannot survive on any one nutrient, the skin's needs go beyond what any one nutrient can provide.

Nevertheless, aging skin can be dramatically improved when a strict regimen of effective, targeted skin treatments are combined with the established cornucopia of longevity medicine.

Gernetic France Aging Skin Treatment

These anti-aging skin care products will renew the skin in depth, removal cuticle cuirass, tone muscles and tissues, and produce large amounts of collagen to improve elasticity.

Synchro must be used with this skin treatment. The remaining treatments outlined below will be applied over or under this treatment to produce faster and more specific results. You may like to download the Gernetic France Age Management PDF and the Skin Lifting PDF and print them out for your reference.

Skin Cell Desquamation and Renewal

The Skin Immunity Treatment, comprising most imporantly of Mito Special and Immuno, is recommended for use a few times a week and serves to bring energy to the epidermal cells and bring deeper cells to the surface. This achieves a very thorough but safe exfoliation which removes all dead and dying cellular matter without harming any living cells. GER-Peel Softening Microcapsule Skin Exfoliant may be used before this combination of "ampoule + mask."

Micro-Circulation Enhancement

Vasco may be used to improve circulation and decongest and strengthen the vein network. Good blood circulation is essential to delivering the nutrition the cells require to function at their best, and also ensures a bright complexion. The proper functioning of the facial capillaries is obviously vital to this end. Broken or distended capillaries are better treated than removed, if at all possible.

The Eye Mask for puffy eyes and dark circles, both very common aesthetic problems, improves the micro-circulation around the eyes and drains the eyelids with an intensive action.

Vasco may be used underneath the Eye Mask for an even more potent action on a very dark or shadowed eye contour.

Restoration of Muscle Tone

The overall tone of the facial shape is determined by the condition of its underlying muscles. Myo/Myoso makes a significant contribution here, both preventatively and in the treatment of already deteriorated muscles. It may be applied all over the face, neck and around the eyes. It may also be used on local areas of concern, such as the mouth and jaw line.

Restoration of Skin Elasticity

GER-Lift sculpts and re-firms the oval of the face and helps tighten the eye and neck areas. The unique formula produces an approximate 500% increase in total collagen over a few months and is produced from a fermentation of micro-algae. It is importantly free of potential irritants which would make it unsuitable for the ongoing use required in mature skin cases. The Skin Lifting PDF may be downloaded for further information.

The Eye Gel may be used during the day underneath any other GERnetic France Treatment to additionally protect against collagen deterioration, allowing you to create an impressively dense and firm eye area.

Basal Cell Multiplication

Deeper wrinkles can only be improved by:

1. Removing all skin down to the deepest point of the deepest wrinkle using a resurfacing procedure such as laser.

2. Restoring skin cells to rebuild wrinkled areas.

Nuclea is applied to deeply wrinkled areas requiring regeneration and works to fill in these regions of the face. It is also effective on invasive skin damage and will reduce age spots.

Strong exfoliating agents such as glycolic acid and retinoids produce an inferior result and generally leave the remaining skin folds looking etched.

Restoration of Interstitial Fluids

Young and healthy skin naturally possesses a generous amount of fluids in-between its cells. Interstitial fluids form part of the skin's supportive matrix, inside which all biochemical exchanges take place. High levels of interstitial fluids are naturally moisturizing and lead to fuller, firmer tissues. Cells Life Serum is the means to achieving this significant improvement.

Facial Mask Treatments for Skin Hydration and Fatigue

Hydra-Ger Mask may be used in alternation with Immuno Mask as part of the Bi-Weekly Skin Immunity Treatment recommended as part of any full regimen for aging skin. It provides oil-free hydration of the stratum corneum and stimulates the cellular metabolism.

The Stimulative Marine Mask, which is a key component of the Face Lifting Treatment, may also be used a few times a week to act against skin fatigue. Its re-mineralizing effect will improve the outcome of any anti-aging skin treatment regimen.

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