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Facial Muscle Firming Treatment - Restorative and Preventative

There are 57 muscles of the face, and all of them are ignored by conventional skin care.

The tightness and tone of the skin is of course determined in large part by the quality and integrity of its underlying, deeper structure.

The facial oval conforms to a youthful shape when the following muscles are firm, tight and in their original place:

  • platysma muscles which run from the back of the sides of the neck;
  • muscles under the jawline;
  • nasial labial muscles at the sides of the mouth, and to a lesser extent those to either side of the nose;
  • peri-ocular muscles (around the eyes).

This treatment provides an exceptionally refreshing and deep-reaching therapeutic effect, delivering a dramatic visual effect to match.

The Gernetic France Facial Muscle Firming Treatment is designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles and is indicated from the first signs of these symptoms.

These symptoms of aging are usually noticeable from the age of 35, but may occur earlier depending on a variety of factors related to hereditary, environment and internal nutrition.

Facial Muscle Firming Treatment

The biological firming of underlying facial muscles provides an added dimension of improvement to any comprehensive anti-aging skin treatment program.

In improving the tone and strength of facial muscles, the treatment will inevitably tighten the skin's surface.

However the treatment is distinct from the Skin Lifting Treatment and Skin Treatment for Aging Skin, which focus on other aspects critical to the overall expression of mature or maturing skin, including cuticle cuirass, collagen content and production, and overall rate of renewal and aging.

Protocol for the Gernetic France Facial Muscle Firming Treatment

This treatment is well suited to use the day before any special event, or on a weekly basis.

1. Follow steps 1 through 6 of the Skin Immunity Treatment to better prepare the skin and deeper tissues for the assimilation of the required nutrients.

Alternatively the most basic preparation for muscle firming treatment would include:

2. On freshly prepared skin apply in succession the following treatments to the entire face and neck, including the eye contour and extending to the sides and back of the neck, including behind the ears.

Cells Life, Vasco and Myo/Myoso may be used in large quantity. Synchro and Cytobi should be used in very small quantity.

All of these skin care treatments should be used with gentle smoothing motions until complete absorption. Vigorous massage and heavy friction should not be used, as these may disturb the face lifting process and may cause temporary superficial redness.

Face Lifting and Muscle Firming - Rate of Improvement

Although there will be dramatic visual improvement following this treatment, and for several days after, lasting and more durable results take time.

Excellent results will be evident after 3 months of weekly facial muscle treatment, with incremental improvements accruing for up to a year.

Face Lifts

This treatment is suitable for use leading up to a face lift, and post surgical face lifting once adequate healing has taken place.

Consult your physician or dermal specialist as to when you may recommence deep muscle treatment.

As a surgical face lift is limited to physically pulling skin tight, the Gernetic France Face Lifting Treatment Protocol's fuller spectrum of de-aging effects will improve the outcome of any face lift and help render a more natural result.

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