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Langerhans Cells Skin Immunity Treatment

The skin has its own immune system centered around the front-line defense provided by the Langerhans Cells.

This small group of specialized and vital skin cells are located in the epidermis.

An unfortunate aspect of sun exposure is that it modifies the DNA of skin cells, making it impossible for them to carry on making perfect duplicates of themselves.

After many years of imperfect renewal, signs of irreversible aging become evident.

When correctly nourished and stimulated, the Langerhans Cells prevent the various skin cells and structures from recording this insult, leaving the DNA intact.


As skin-foreign chemicals, sunscreens are a significant source of subclinical inflammation resulting in free radical damage and aging. Their skin irritant status makes them inappropriate for long-term uninterrupted use. Furthermore, no sunscreen chemicals safely protect against the UVA rays which are responsible for aging and the more dangerous skin cancers. They only protect against the superficially burning UVB rays.

Skin-Foreign Substances Age Skin

Any substance which the skin does not recognize as part of its DNA has a similar effect on its long-term well being and includes innumerable "natural" ingredients, chemicals such as glycolic acid, cosmetic fillers, buffers and humectants. Some totally inert substances are safe, however of course they bring with them no benefit either.

The only absolutely safe, recognized and therefore useful ingredients are amino acids, proteins, trace elements, vitamins and any other compounds bio-engineered from these substances.

Effective Skin Protection

Immuno acts to nourish the Langerhans Cells with a biological compound rich in amino acids and trace elements, along with additional amino acids (arginine, lysine, methionine, glutamine).

Langerhans Skin Cell Treatment

The Immuno Skin Treatment for Langerhans Nutrition and Stimulation is applied as a soft cream mask and brings with it the additional benefits of purification, natural cell renewal (removing all dead and dying matter, but leaving all healthy matter intact) and rejuvenation of the basal cells.

It is recommended to be applied after a Mito Ampoule, or Mito Special Spray Phial if firming is required. Both these treatments will serve to intensify Immuno's action.

Immuno is left to act for 10-15 minutes before being loosened and rinsed away with water. Always follow with Synchro Cream or Emulsion and/or Cytobi Cream to ensure a complete supply of elements that regulate skin's functions and defenses while lengthening cell life.

Basic Skin Treatment Regimen for a Better Skin Immunity

1. Cleanse with Glyco Cleansing Milk (normal-dry skin), Lysi Cleansing Milk (normal-oily skin), Derma Cleansing Gel (oily and impure skin) or the Exfoliating Marine Cleanser (maximum use, 3x/weekly), which is especially suited to devitalized skin lacking minerals.

2. Surface exfoliate with GER-Peel Softening Microcapsule Exfoliant.

3. Ensure optimal surface reception by preparing the skin with Fibro Toning Lotion.

4. Apply the contents of one Mito Ampoule or one-third of one Mito Special Spray Phial and gently penetrate with light tapping and smoothing motions.

5. Apply a medium layer of Immuno on the face and neck, or any other area requiring treatment, excluding the bust. Leave for 10-15 minutes. You may use the Eye Mask for puffiness and dark circles at the same time if desired.

6. Rinse with luke-warm to warm water, blot skin dry with tissues and optionally follow with Fibro Toning Lotion.

7. Synchro and/or Cytobi may now be applied in very small quantity, or you may follow one of the below combinations to address more specific skin treatment concerns.

Firming or Fine Lines: Myo/Myoso + Synchro and/or Cytobi

Deep Lines, Sagging and/or Facial Puffiness: Cells Life Serum + GER-Lift Intense + Synchro and/or Cytobi

Blackheads/Whiteheads/Pore Congestion: Purifying Serum-Cream + Synchro

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