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Skin Treatment for Maintenance of Skin Quality

Most people in possession of a healthy-looking complexion give little thought to the longer term well-being of their skin.

Beautiful skin is a valuable asset requiring basic but thorough maintenance.

As it is always easier to maintain what is already in existence, I recommend that patients and clients in this category make adequate provisions as a prophylactic against the normal signs of aging, stress and general environmental damage.

Requirements for Effective Skin Maintenance

A skin treatment designed to maintain and enhance a skin of already good quality should provide an optimal environment for maintaining cell life:

  • amino acids
  • proteins
  • trace elements
  • vitamins (a, c, e, b and biotin)

Should you begin to experience any abnormality in skin function or appearance, a more specific skin treatment should be adopted until it is resolved.

Sunscreens may be used on a regular basis to protect against accumulative sun damage, however they must not contain chemicals which become free radicals once absorbed and provide protection against the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays. For cosmetic reasons, any sunscreen used should not be overly whitening or pasty.

Suited Gernetic France Skin Care Treatment


1. The cleanser should be adapted to the general skin type. Glyco Cleansing Milk is suited to normal to dry skin; Lysi Cleansing Milk is suited to normal to oily skin; and Derma Cleansing Gel is suited to oily and impure skin, and for occasional use as deep cleansing agent by other skin types. All these cleansing treatments are water-rinsable.

2. Prepare and detoxify the skin's surface the adapted toning lotion. Fibro Toning Lotion is suited to light firming and stimulation of all skin types; Seri Toning Lotion provides a softening and clarifying effect to oilier and sensitive skins; Sebo-Ger brightens those complexions troubled by oily congestion (slight blackheads, whiteheads, open pores).

3. Ensure a full complement of nutrients by applying Synchro Cream or Synchro Emulsion. Either is suited to any skin type, but typically those with dry or sensitive-prone skin prefer the Cream Formula, whereas those whose skin is more prone to excess oil and exposure to city pollution prefer the Emulsion. Apply either version all over the face, neck, eye contour and possibly hands in very small quantity using light touches.

4. Provide additional sun and surface protection by using GER-Oxy over the top, a brightening skin care treatment which enhances the skin's usage of oxygen. Similarly this is used in very small quantity, all over the face, neck and eye contour.


1. Perform steps 1 through 3 as per AM.

2. Additional protection against aging is afforded by the use of Cytobi after either version of Synchro. This anti-aging and repairing skin treatment will provide exceptional and sustainable skin regeneration to all areas (face, neck, eye contour, hands) with none of the slightly to severely irritating ingredients which make up the conventional anti-aging arsenal.

Once or Twice Weekly

1. Exfoliate, soften and clear the skin's surface to ensure a better absorption of active ingredients and a more elegant and luminescent skin grain. The recommended treatment is GER-Peel.

2. Following the usage of GER-Peel, perform the Skin Immunity Treatment to eliminate all dead and dying cellular matter, stimulate firmness and ensure the integrity of the Langerhans Cells.

Skin Care Options

The Eye Gel may be used before the application of Synchro Cream or Emulsion in the AM only to provide additional free-radical protection to the particularly vulnerable eye area. This specialized care will also limit skin thinning and help in contouring.

Manno Hand Cream may be used every PM, or indeed any time of the day, to keep hands white, soft, free of pigmentary changes and enhance nail condition.

Gernetic France Body Lotion and/or Body Buffing Massage Oil may also be used for body skin maintance with regard to hydration and elasticity.

Gernetic Medul Shampoo and Cuticul Hair Lotion may be used to enhance the hair and scalp quality, rounding off maintenance.

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