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Anti-Aging Skin Treatment using Low-Glycemic Index Foods

Diets comprised of high-GI carbohydrates are associated with increased wrinkles, acne, skin textural problems, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

The Glycemic Index measures how much a food raises blood sugar levels.

Examples of high-GI foods include those "sugary and starchy" foods:

  • bread
  • pasta
  • pastries

And some fruits and vegetables:

  • bananas
  • potatoes
  • raisins

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment - The Effect of High-GI Foods

The elevation of blood sugar levels beyond the roughly established "ideal" causes chemical reactions in that body which produce subclinical inflammation.

This is a sort of "redness" which isn't outwardly visible -- it happens at the cellular level, and you need a microscope to observe it.

Sugar in the blood reacts with minerals, including iron and copper, producing free radicals.

Free radicals damage the lipid bi-layer membranes of skin cells, indeed all cells.

Furthermore, the process by which skin is damaged by free radicals unfortunately generates further harmful chemicals, which themselves cause damage and accelerate skin aging.

The damage to skin, and body, through this phenomenon is a progressive one.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment - The Effect of Low-GI Foods

Most vegetables and fruits, pulses and some grains release their sugar more slowly. The body is better able to handle them and avoid incremental damage.

Wrinkles and Diet

Once formed wrinkles can only be removed using active skin care treatments, such as those forming the Anti-Aging Skin Treatment.

Women in particular have a tendency to adopt High-GI diets because they have naturally lower levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which is a target of anti-depressant medications.

During menstruation serotonin drops even lower and this can create a tendency for women to eat foods high in sugar.

Sugar raises serotonin levels, but only very temporarily. The insulin response acts to quickly curtail the systemic effect of sugar, indirectly bringing serotonin levels down.

Appropriate Anti-Aging and Slimming Foods

The basic aim of most dieting is to limit calories. With this end in sight, many diets exclude proteins and "healthy fats."

Adequate protein, Low-GI carbohydrates and essential fatty acids are nevertheless necessary to help prevent mental problems, ranging from simple fatigue to clinical depression, and support good mood by naturally encouraging a higher and more stable level of serotonin.

An ongoing Low-GI diet will reduce or eliminate cravings for fast-burning carbohydrates, their associated sugars and aging effects on skin and body.

Other Skin-Aging Effects of High-GI Diets

High-GI diets increase body fat and slacken skin.

It is worth remembering that the high insulin levels that go hand-in-hand with High-GI diets also prevent the burning of fat.

Even if you were to eat no fat, as long as you ate nothing but High-GI foods you'd still put on weight, and end up with rapidly aging skin to boot.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment with Spices

Blood sugar may be lowered and skin damage lessened through the regular use of certain spices.

The effect of these recommendations are negligible without adequate topical anti-aging skin care.

  • Cinammon (Cassia) - lowers blood sugar, also known as Cinnamomum Cassia or Chinese Cinnamon.
  • Fenugreek - an aromatic spice with very significant anti-inflammatory effects. Used in Indian cooking, and also available as a tea. In Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Fenugreek is the treatment for diabetes and obesity.

Research has shown that when used therapeutically it can stabilize blood sugar levels as effectively as the drug glibenciamide. Research has also shown that it helps remove fats from the blood.

Fenugreek contains the amino acid 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which reduces insulin resistance. Resistance to insulin is commonly regarded as a early warning sign of diabetes.

These are just two of many more useful herbs used in the anti-aging treatment of skin.

Glycation, Deep Wrinkles and Fenugreek

Deep, cross-linked (or "cross-hatched") wrinkles, common across the cheeks and the backs of men's necks, are due to a chronic excess of blood sugar over many years.

The exact process by which these wrinkles appear is complex. Put very simply, high sugar levels cause the collagen fibers to stick to one another, impairing their skin-firming and lifting function.

Using Fenugreek as an Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Agent

Its slimming and it prevents your skin from aging when used as part of a comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen, so how can you use Fenugreek?

Fenugreek seeds can be used in Indian cooking, the powder may be used in vegetarian cooking and in marinades.

Otherwise, Fenugreek is available in capsules.

Fenugreek tea is also available, but is less potent.

The benefits of alcoholic Fenugreek extract are still under investigation, but it appears to benefit animals.

Topical Therapy for Aging Skin

To increase definition of the face, and ensure the jaw line and cheek bones remain youthfully prominent, avoid High-GI foods and adopt a rotation of the anti-aging skin care treatment, skin lifting treatment and facial muscle firming treatment.

To quickly combat crepiness around the eyes, throat and mouth, use the Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles and Myo/Myoso in association with the Synchro Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment.

The Langerhans Cells Skin Immunity Treatment will help to reduce glycation.

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